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Say goodbye to braces and welcome hassle-free orthodontics. They’re comfortable, invisible, and adapt to your lifestyle.

Eat, smile, and live confidently from day one!

Dientes apiñados

Crowded Teeth: When teeth are crowded or overlapped, aligners can help move them to their proper position.

Separación de dientes

Gaps Between Teeth: If you have spaces between your teeth, aligners can effectively close these gaps.

Mordida abierta

Open Bite: In cases of an open bite, where upper and lower teeth don't meet properly, aligners can correct this issue.

Mordida cruzada

Crossbite: When some upper teeth close inside the lower teeth (crossbite), aligners can align them correctly.


Overbite: An overbite occurs when the upper teeth excessively cover the lower teeth. Aligners can help adjust this alignment.

Steps to Get Aligners
  • Appointment with the general dentist to see that you have no cavities and everything is perfect to begin orthodontics. Click Here
  • Get x-rays, photographs, and digital scans of your teeth and jaw so the orthodontist can have a complete view of your mouth.
  • Tell our specialized orthodontists your goals
  • Choose your plan Click Here
  • Begin your journey towards a spectacular smile











Silvia Rojas Morúa

Licenciatura en Odontología UCR 2012

Máster en Ortodoncia Multidisciplinar Avanzado, CEU San Pablo, Madrid, España, 2023

Gloriana Diaz Valverde

Licenciatura Odontología UCR 2013

Especialista en Ortodoncia ULACIT 2019

Giannina Rudin Montes Oca

Licenciatura Odontología UCR 2012

Especialista Ortodoncia & Ortopediatria Universidad Veritas 2021

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