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About Us

For the past 10 years, we have focused on reaching the Costa Rican population with the best specialist, the highest quality, and technology for fair and affordable prices. Since 2013 we have been working on changing the paradigm around odontology services, and proving that high-quality services do not have to be unreachable or impossible to acquire. With this mission and idea, two UCR odontologists decided to work together to create Drs. Dent, looking to satisfy every patient’s needs with an immediate and customized solution.

Every day we work with top professionals in the region, making sure our clinics and services are reachable to all Costa Rican population. Our clinics are equipped with the most recent technology to make sure we provide comprehensive dentistry services to every customer.

Why Comprehensive Dentistry?

Comprehensive dentistry is a way of approaching dentistry, it is responsible for diagnosing, treating, and preventing oral diseases with individualized attention for each patient. An integral dentist treats symptoms in teeth and gums when they become problems; in addition, it solves the problems that are not visible causing those symptoms in teeth and gums, which helps prevent adverse effects on your health.

Drs. Dent provides primary care by offering the patient a comprehensive dental service that ranges from prevention to early treatment and overall rehabilitation.

From this area, patients are referred to various dental specialties, combining various dental specialties to provide the patient with an optimal aesthetic and functional result. Therefore, a service is offered with a multidisciplinary approach, which evaluates the mouth as a whole and involves different specialists.

Now, the key to having a healthy mouth is to detect which of these solutions is most appropriate for each person and, at the same time, offer the least invasive procedure.

Furthermore, thanks to our alliances with MediSmart and the Metropolitan Hospital, we now have sedation services with local anesthesia or dental surgeries in operating rooms.

Our philosophy: Zero cavities in 90 days.

Our clinical philosophy is “Zero cavities in 90 days” where we carry out comprehensive and advanced dentistry. This way, we are one step ahead of our patient’s expectations, achieving a high degree of excellence in the treatment results. Finally, we are at the forefront of dental technology; in addition, we offer implantology and the latest improvements in dental aesthetics.

Our Mission

To improve the health of the individuals and communities we serve through a comprehensive healthcare system, focused on prevention and medical treatment, guided by the highest principles of ethics, empathy, and excellence.

Our Vision

To be a leading institution in providing equitable, innovative, and exceptional comprehensive healthcare services.

Dental Specialties

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